Hear From Industry Experts

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
Founder and Dean
Bersin Academy
Shawnté Cox Holland
Shawnté Cox Holland
Head of Culture & Engagement
Adam Grant
Adam Grant
Organizational Psychologist, The Wharton School
Bestselling Author; Host: WorkLife, a TED Original Podcast
Dan Heath
Dan Heath
Innovative Business Thought Leader
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Spring Session Begins May 13, 2021

Series Schedule

Navgiating the R/Evolution of Work

  • Evolving your digital workplace practice design
  • Unifying and integrating the digital workplace
  • Cultivating remote & hybrid culture
  • Remote enablement & engagement
  • IT as employee experience driver
  • Back-to-work: Making the most of your new post-pandemic workplace

Employee Experience, Digital Literacy & Workforce Skills

  • Personas and employee journeys
  • Voice of the Employee (VoE) programs
  • Digital IQ: Defining, measuring, evolving
  • Continuous learning: Integrated and micro strategies
  • The learning and HR technology stack

Collaboration & the Knowledge Ecosystem in Modern Organizations

  • The 2021 technology landscape: core platforms
  • Microsoft 365 and Teams: where it best powers the DW, and limitations
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Defining the modern intranet
  • Modernizing the IT department and building cross-departmental collaboration
  • Ownership, scope and budgeting

Future Workplace: Emerging Technology, Innovation & Intelligent Platforms

  • Fostering innovation, agility and the r/evolution of work
  • The state of AI/ML and automation in the workplace
  • How learning experience platforms are evolving skills acquisition
  • Agents as coworkers and intelligent workplace platforms
  • Architecting future service, data and information architectures

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