Demo Derby
Date & Time
Thursday, February 3, 2022, 12:05 PM - 12:30 PM
Barun Chanda David Fletcher Jarel Billups Brendan O'Neil

During this rapid-fire session, you will have an opportunity to watch and review high-impact demos from some of the most innovative products in the market.  

By participating and sharing your feedback on the product demonstration, you will be automatically entered to win one of three $50 eGift Cards. 

Demo #1: Winning the Moments that Matter in a Digital Workplace with the Whatfix DAP

Whatfix provides a unified experience layer atop your web, desktop, and mobile applications. Learn more about how you can create an elevated consumer-like experience for your employees at the moments that matter, and also ease their adaptation and adoption of their tools in an increasingly complex digital workplace.

Presented by: Barun Chanda, Enterprise Manager @ Whatfix

Demo #2: Why UX is still king and why you should care

In five packed minutes, learn how user experience (UX) can make all the difference to employee engagement – and how you can leverage your existing tech investments to: 

  • Personalize the intranet experience for employees 
  • Bring your disjointed tools together in a beautiful, seamless way
  • Simplify knowledge management and sharing 

Presented by: David Fletcher, Vice President, Strategic Sales @Beezy

Demo #3: Workplace Experience: Managing and Measuring the New Hybrid Workplace 

How are you putting the employee experience first? In the more flexible, hybrid and digitized world, it is critical to consider how to safely and securely allow employees to return to the office, manage wayfinding floorplans and team seating charts, collect and utilize data to analyze for the future.

Presented by: Brendan O'Neil, Product Marketing Manager @ Robin

Demo #4: Virtual Headquarters for the New Hybrid Workforce

Recent events have shown the world the importance of having a robust digital headquarters. Companies are moving to a hybrid workforce, and need a modern intranet solution to easily create and maintain targeted communications for dispersed teams. See how a modern intranet helps with:
  • Decreases the dependency on IT through distributed intranet administration across all departments.
  • Define adoption practices for the hybrid workforce
  • Assessing the new now: people analytics, automation and learning

Presented by: Jarel Billups, Solutions Consultant @ Simpplr

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