[Main Stage Keynote] Putting it All Together: The Cherry on Top of your EUC Stack
Date & Time
Thursday, February 3, 2022, 11:35 AM - 12:00 PM
Brian Madden Josh Olson

Assembling a “complete” tech stack for a fully flexible workforce includes a lot of individual pieces. You need to consider who you're servicing.  How do they work?  What are their workstyles, what can be done by IT to help them?  It leads to how you’re delivering your Windows apps and desktops (VDI), how you’re managing users’ devices (MDM, UEM).  You have to know if they are exempt or hourly, contractors, freelancers, or partners. It gets to how you’re dealing with BYOD versus corporate-owned devices, how you’ll provide remote support, how you’ll monitor and manage the user experience (DEX), how you’ll provide secure remote access (SASE), how you’ll integrate everything with your security monitoring and management stack.  You know you can have great Experience or great Security, but you have to design a solution that achieves both.  How you’ll deal with device provisioning, repairs, and returns, how you’ll set up new employees and how you’ll decommission things when employees leave, etc, etc. It can be difficult to tie everything together into a comprehensive EUC strategy and solution.

In this session, VMware’s Brian Madden and Josh Olson will walk through the challenges and how they’re seeing customers address this in today’s modern and flexible work world.

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