[Breakout] Let’s Get Back to Work - Establishing a Process Framework to Enable your Return-to-Work Plans
Date & Time
Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 1:40 PM - 2:00 PM
Erik Hille

After more than two years, many companies are ready to return to the office. As much as 50% of companies worldwide have, either communicated the return date, or are already offering work from the office options today.1 At the same time, workers have concerns. They have adapted well to work from home and frequently prefer hybrid options.

Companies need to plan their return-to-work processes to help mitigate health and safety, family and even preferential concerns…and they need to be NIMBLE!!! These very real issues happening against a backdrop of emerging viral strains, altered CDC and OSHA guidelines and frequently changing federal, state, and local regulations.

Join Erik Hille, Director of Solutions Marketing at Nintex for an insightful webinar that will touch on:

1. What key processes areas to consider to effectively offer return to work options
2. They importance of process automation in establishing and changing these processes
3. How low-code approaches to this automation ensure that companies remain flexible and resilient in a dynamic environment

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