[Breakout] Digital Workplace Trends for 2022: Optimizing the Digital Employee Experience
Date & Time
Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 12:15 PM - 12:40 PM
Janine Marchi Frank Pathyil Robert Ryan Linnae Selinga

After an extended period of remote work, employees are frustrated and stressed – and they’re doing something about it, prioritizing their well-being over a paycheck and leaving organizations that aren’t taking measures to support their holistic health and wellness.

Addressing this trend is an imperative in the coming year. But what can organizations do to alleviate the stressors causing such widespread burnout? They can start by creating digital experiences that eliminate digital friction and help employees better manage their work.

Join some of Workgrid’s key thought leaders:

  • Rob Ryan, Head of Product Marketing & Business Value
  • Frank Pathyil, Director of Partner Strategy
  • Linnae Selinga, Senior Product Strategist

as we discuss the changing nature of the digital workplace and provide three approaches organizations can take to optimize the digital employee experience and set employees up for long-term success.

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