Full Name
Temitope Sadiku
Job Title
Global Head of Employee DX
Kraft Heinz
Speaker Bio
Tope has an eclectic background, majoring in finance, economics, psychology, and human-centric design. Tope has partnered with multiple Fortune 500 organisations, integrating her academic knowledge to drive profitability in a more responsible conscientious manner. She has worked with Kraft Heinz for the past five years and has relocated from London to Chicago. Currently serving as their Global Head of Employee Digital Experience, Tope’s focus is to increase employee productivity and creativity with the use of Technology. Tope is a thought leader in the area of Future of Work/ Life, actively contributing towards research and experimentation in how people interact, achieve objectives, connect and collaborate between physical and virtual spaces. She also serves as a Board Member for; the Institute of Work and Economy, the Science and Technology Coalition, The Luminarts Cultural Foundation, YWCA Women in Tech and is the Co-Chair of the Network of Executive Women, exploring how societies and economies will achieve the promise of work and life through technology and the arts. She enjoys experimenting and draws inspiration from abstract concepts as well as nature.
Temitope Sadiku