[Welcome and Keynote Address] Throwing Away the Playbook: When What Works Yesterday Doesn’t Work Today
Date & Time
Thursday, October 13, 2022, 11:00 AM - 11:35 AM
Amy Trask Siobhan Fagan

Amy Trask has had many titles during her career: chief executive, analyst and author. The former CEO of the Oakland Raiders, and current football analyst for CBS Sports Network, now serves as Chairman of the Board of Ice Cube’s BIG3.

During her time with the Raiders, Trask was the highest-ranking female executive in the NFL. She spent almost 30 years with the Raiders organization, where she became the NFL’s first female front-office executive and was one of the highest-ranking women in American professional sports.

Successfully navigating a journey of constant obstacles, learning and transformation was par for the course in Trask’s world. Managing crises, sport and business personalities, internal operational decisions and external public affairs kept Trask on her toes. How did she do it, and what lessons does she have to help you think about the transformations underway - or challenges in the way - as you move toward a more sophisticated, automized, personalized workplace? How can lessons from the NFL translate over to your world of the digital? Tune in, and find out here, as Reworked’s Editor in Chief, Siobhan Fagan, gets the inside scoop.

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Main Stage
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